American Eagles Team

Our Storm Damage Team is honored to assist you rebuilt your life and your property after a catastrophe impact.

Ma Del Carmen Díaz

Hispanic Business Division and office support

"Active, Disciplined, Amiable"

Kátia Holanda

Coordination and strong support in administering operations

"Responsible, Wise, Sweet"

Alec Peroza
Administrative Manager

Development and coordination of all types of operations in the Twin Cities

"Organized, Responsible, Goal-Oriented"

Benjamin Boyer
Production Manager

Set-up, coordination, and development of each project assuring high quality

"Strong, Hard Worker, Disciplined"

Christopher Daniels
Operations Manager, St. Cloud

Storm Damage Specialist

"Professional, Experienced, Responsible"

Harold Fajardo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Storm Damage Specialist

"Quality, Experience, Proficiency that you can trust"