Our History & Background

American Eagles Construction Company was born in June of 2008 when construction professionals of different backgrounds and several years of experience realized that, in order to get our dear planet back in shape, we, the human race, must change our way of living.

Carmen, Kátia, Benjamin, and Harold got together and took the "green" challenge in their hands. They wanted to combine the construction industry with the present-day environment world awareness by focusing in saving energy, recycling construction waste, installing solar panels, providing "green" remodeling programs to residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. The methods used are to avoid as much as possible the deterioration of our planet.

American Eagles Construction Company's goals are to:

• Follow green construction regulations
• Maintain good relationships with the community and the government
• Perform the work safely keeping the quality high
• Leave customers happy and satisfied
• Contribute to our planet wellbeing


The World Nation flags that appear on our logo represent our admiration for the rich and wonderful diversity of the community we are honored to serve and, coincidentally, the members of our American Eagles Construction Company's team.

The eagle, as the standard symbol for America, is being used to represent the strength and courage we all need to keep doing our best always. The leaf in the eagle's beak is the green life to improve our planet.

The sun is the very clear light that penetrates our homes to illuminate our new beginnings and bright new future.

The solar panels mean that we humans have to optimize solar energy and any other kind of Renewable Energy in order to greatly diminish the harm being done to our planet.


"THE GREEN FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS" This is the challenge we take in our hands to inspire every single person we serve to work with us for a common goal: to contribute to the health of our planet so that future generations have a good place to live and thrive.


Carmen and Harold live on the east side of Saint Paul with their three daughters Selene, Gabriela, and Paloma, and a little black Chihuahua. Benjamin and Kátia live on the south side of Minneapolis with their sons Kaueh and Kayke, a black Labrador, and a little gold Chihuahua.